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Xojo Web Edition

Mar 17 '16 at 19:43

Is the Chilkat Xojo plugin compatible with Xojo Web Edition?

If I have the Chilkat plugin in the Xojo plugins directory and create a WE project. Some of the other plugins don't seem to load. The ones I've had issues with is the Valentina and CubeSql ( Database Servers ) plugins. If I remove the Chilkat plugin and restart Xojo the plugins work as expected. Desktop projects seem to work ok.

J. Harris


I don't know the answer.

The Chilkat Xojo plugin provides support for the following architectures marked as YES below:

Linux X86 (YES)
Linux x86-64 (YES)
Linux ARM (YES)
Mac Carbon Mach-O (NO)
Mac Carbon Mach-O Universal (NO)
Mac Cocoa (YES)
Mac x86-64 (YES)
Windows (YES)
Windows x86-64 (YES)

If somehow the WE project requires Carbon Mach-O (which was deprecated by Apple in 2012), then maybe that's the problem.

The Chilkat shared library should have no hooks into Cocoa, so technically the "Cocoa" shared libs might also be Carbon compatible. You might test by


The main issue I'm having right now is when the Chilkat plugin is in the Xojo plugins folder, it seems to keep some of the other plugins from loading. I'm always working on a mix of desktop and WE projects, which means I have to delete the Chilkat plugin and restart Xojo for the Valentina/CubeSQL plugins to be recognized when changing from desktop to WE projects. Having to do this gets old quick.

I'll check on the Xojo forum and see if anyone else if having the same issue.

I don't know if this helps, but I'm running the IDE on Windows 10.

J. Harris