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Save a encrypted Mail... HowTo?

Mar 29 '16 at 04:18


i use Chilkat Android and i call


so my Mail is decrypted and if i call


the Mail is stored DEcrypted to. But i want to save the Mail encrypted at the Datastore... How i can do THAT?

THX Howard


Hi Howard,

The problem is that the email object holds the email in an internal object model. This is a problem for signed/encrypted email where the exact formatting of the email (including whitespace) cannot change for signatures, or if the email is opaque for encrypted email (and thus internal attachments wouldn't be available, etc.)

Therefore, if downloading an email from an IMAP or POP3 server, use the methods to download the email as MIME. This way, you can save the MIME string to a file and it will be exactly as it existed on the server -- fully encrypted and signed. Your program can then load the MIME into an email object for use -- such as to get at the various headers, From, To, CC, attachments, etc.



thx for your answer. what i did for now: let the downloading Part of my Program like it is but just NOT using the


so a


just save the encrypted Mail like it is. Later in my Prog if i need it i use this:


What you say about this? Is this the "Chilkat Way"? or should i better load the Mime and convert it to a ckmail object then ... like you said?