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550 The system cannot find the path specified

Apr 04 '16 at 00:23

While creating Folder to FTP, i am getting this error 550 The system cannot find the path specified

And strange is, sometimes it creates the folder and some time not

I am using following code objFTP.CreateRemoteDir(DirectoryName)

Where DirectoryName is "/ABC/xyz"

Accepted Answer

If /ABC is not yet created, then create it first. Then create "/ABC/xyz". Different FTP servers have different behavior w.r.t. things like this. Some will automatically create the missing subdirs, others will not. Some might require the current working directory to be in the given directory. The safest way to do this is to create "ABC" if it does not exist (or just create it and ignore the error if any), then ChangeRemoteDir to ABC, then create "xyz".