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Library size for iOS is too large and scp file transfer seems very slow

Apr 05 '16 at 09:08

When i merged all the libraries using "" the final file size of library came to be about 240 mb.This size is too large. Is there a way to reduce this size??

I am evaluating this library for scp file transfer and it seems that even on wifi the scp file transfer is very slow. It takes about 10 mins to upload a file of 25 mb. What can i do to increase its speed.


  1. Edit to NOT include architectures you don't need.
  2. The .lib's are static libraries. When compiling/linking against static libraries, a linker only includes the library code that is directly or indirectly referenced. Therefore, one could have a .lib that is 60000GB, and if only 1K of internal code is referenced, then only 1K of code is added to your executable. The actual size of the .lib is not of importance -- it is the size of your app after linking. There is no need to include the .lib files in your application's distribution. When a program is linked, the code contained in a static library is linked into your .exe.
  3. This slowness is not due to the Chilkat implementation. It must be due to external factors.