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Getting an intermittent "Authentication failed or partial success" error using SSH Component.

Apr 14 '16 at 10:52

We are evaluating the SSH/SFTP component and I am running a windows service that regularly checks a remote SFTP directory. There will be periods when we get a few "Authentication failed or partial success" errors in a row when trying to "Connect" then everything will just start to work fine. Is this error (see below) always invalid credentials?

    DllDate: Mar 11 2016
    UnlockPrefix: 30-day trial from 2016-04-08
    Username: WC-IIS:wc-iis-svc$
    Architecture: Little Endian; 32-bit
    Language: .NET 4.5
    VerboseLogging: 0
    SshVersion: SSH-2.0-SSHD-CORE-0.11.0
    SftpVersion: 0
            svcName: ssh-userauth
            SentServiceReq: ssh-userauth
          ssh-userauth service accepted.
        AuthMethods: password,keyboard-interactive,publickey
          Sent login/password
          Authentication failed or partial success. (1)
          PartialSuccess1: 0
          AuthList: password,keyboard-interactive,publickey
            This is likely a simple invalid login and/or password error,
            meaning your application did not send the correct login and/or password.

Accepted Answer

Hi Jason,

Being on the receiving end of problem reports from many thousands of customers helps me identify what is likely to be a problem internal to the Chilkat implementation, or something else. In this case, where SSH authentication is required for any use of the SSH/SFTP/SCP classes, any defect within Chilkat would 99.9% likely have been reported by others. Given that nobody else has reported anything similar, I would say it's most likely there's a problem with the app, and the best course of action is to do some more debugging to ensure the values passed to AuthenticatePw are correct. It doesn't mean it's impossible that the problem is not located within Chilkat, just improbable..


Also.. make sure to turn on verbose logging by setting the VerboseLogging property = true. You can also check the session log by setting the KeepSessionLog property = true, and then examine the contents of the SessionLog. Perhaps the SSH server sent some sort of extraneous chatter at the exact moment the authentication response was expected. (Although Chilkat should handle it.) This information might give more clues as to what's transpiring...


Jason, thanks for posting the resolution to the problem. It's much appreciated. -Matt