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FTP File Size Discrepancy - Problem and Solution

Apr 15 '16 at 11:56

This post is to describe a recent problem and the resolution.

The Problem:

When trying to FTP upload a file, Chilkat was uploading only 100K, but the file size as reported by Windows Explorer was 6MB.

The Resolution:

When Chilkat reports the size of a local file within the LastErrorText, it is reporting the results obtained from the typical/standard system function call to get a file size. Chilkat claims that there really cannot be a "bug" because it must believe what the system call returns. Possible errors include (1) the file being actively written while the upload is occurring, or (2) the wrong path being passed to Chilkat.

In this particular case, neither (1) nor (2) was occurring. This is what the user found:

"There were two separate issues – on two computers McAfee Enterprise Edition was an older version and for some reason once updated it then solved the problem."

"And on other one where I was seeing a different file size in explorer – ran disk check and it found and fixed several errors – after reboot and disk check the file then showed the size it should be which was the size you said."