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Sending SMS using SMTP?

Sep 26 '12 at 11:53

I have a couple of questions regarding the active-x component for sending SMS messages using SMTP.

Using the demo code from your website, I was able to send a text message to my Verizon phone. However, I received two copies of the message. Did I do something wrong, or is it a phone problem, or other?

All I am interested in the ability to send texts using SMTP. What component, package would I need to buy, and what would be the Educational price?


To understand where the duplicate might be coming from, examine the contents of the mailman.SmtpSessionLog property after calling SendEmail. You should see one "RCPT TO" command for each email recipient. Verify that the "RCPT TO" commands in the session log match your intended recipients (i.e. the email addresses provided via the emailObject.AddTo, AddCC, or AddBcc method calls). If you don't see duplication in the session log, then the duplication is happening downstream. The Chilkat mailman to SMTP server "handoff" is the extent of an SMTP client's participation in the mail-sending process. Once the email is handed off to an SMTP server for relay to it's final destination, the SMTP client is out of the picture.

For the SMTP functionality, you would purchase a 1-Developer Email license ($99 USD) here:

There is no educational pricing because the price is already as low as it can go.