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Store Emails in "Sent Items" after sending?

May 04 '16 at 09:19

Two issues I wish to address if possible, both with Cloud Exchange (Office 365). I am developing with MS Access 2013, 32 bit

  1. Currently using CDO I can send emails directly via Cloud Exchange through whichever user account. However the email does not get stored in the user’s Sent Items. Will your IMAP AciveX solve this?

  2. I wish to logon to O365 mailboxes and “read” incoming mail to potentially trigger other events in the Access CRM. Again, can I do this with IMAP?


1) I'm assuming that "Sent Items" is a mailbox on the IMAP server. If a program is sending an email and then the sent email appears in "Sent Items", the program is actually taking a separate step to append the email to the "Sent Items" folder -- which is no different than appending an email to any other folder. In other words, a program would send email via SMTP, and then separately it would connect via IMAP (or use its existing live connection) to Append the email to "Sent Items". You would do the same in Chilkat. Use the Chilkat MailMan class to send the email (SMTP), and then use the Chilkat Imap object to append to "Sent Items".

2) I think the task of triggering other events in the Access CRM would be outside the scope of Chilkat. You would use Chilkat to read incoming mail from IMAP, but then you would use non-Chilkat application code to interact with the Access CRM.