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Adding salt to a hash?

Sep 27 '12 at 10:23

I've looked at the examples and fail to find anything that demonstrates the use of, whether it be encoded or a byte array.

I'm thinking one way to do it is to encode/generate byte arrays for both salt and string to encrypt, then concatenate the two before hashing.

As usual, I'm probably making this harder than it needs to be.


- Jace


Chilkat can help with encoding (Base64 for example), and it can help with generating random bytes, but these are relatively simple tasks, each of which might be easily accomplished in whatever programming language you are using w/out the help of Chilkat. (You haven't specified your programming language.)

The task of concatenating byte arrays is something that should be easily accomplished in whichever programming language you are using.


I wasn't asking for help with something as trivial as how to create/manipulate byte arrays (in C# btw).

Per the subject (Adding salt to a hash) and then the first sentence where I'm looking for an example on how to use Salt based pieces of your Crypt2 component.

So in laymen terms, all I really was asking for was an example (in your huge list of examples on the web) that shows an easy way to use your Crypt2 components salt functionality.

For our government, multi-developer, WPF application using C#.NET 4.0 and a MVVM architecture with an Oracle OR/M, we found a better solution. No need to reply.

Thanks though...