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[FTP2] UWP - SyncRemoteTreeAsync issue

May 22 '16 at 03:27

Hi. With Chilkat ftp2 for UWP, i'm trying to sync a remote directory, i'm getting files from a Picture localstorage:

int mode = 2; success = await ftp.SyncRemoteTreeAsync(storageFolder.Path, mode);

succes returns 'true' but no one file were uploaded, so, i get this LastErrorText:

    DllDate: Apr  7 2016
    UnlockPrefix: Anything for 30-day trial
    Username: WinPhone:
    Architecture: Little Endian; 64-bit
    VerboseLogging: 0
      localRootDir: C:\Users\Giancarlo\Pictures\MrFida
        enabled: yes
        heartbeatMs: 0
        sendBufferSize: 65536
      mode 2: Upload missing and newer files.
      PlanOnly: 0
      Mode: 2
      PreviewOnly: 0
      RecursiveDescend: 1
      FileCount: 0
      DirCount: 0
      TotalSizeInBytes: 0
      WindowsError: Access is denied.
      rootDir: C:/Users/Giancarlo/Pictures/MrFida/
      remoteBaseDir: /
      initialCurrentRemoteDir: /
            WinRT socket read failed!
      originalDir: /

Can someone help me?


There seems to be 2 problems here. The 1st is a local directory permissions error (WindowsError: Access is denied.) This pertains to the local filesystem (C:/Users/Giancarlo/Pictures/MrFida/).

The 2nd problem is with the FTP data connection. My guess is that it's the WinRT manifestation of the typical "blocked data connection" problem where the FTP data connection is blocked by a Windows Firewall, or an external hardware firewall on either the client or server side.

You could turn on VerboseLogging to get more information in LastErrorText.

Also, to diagnose data connection problems, you would test with a simpler method such as ftp.GetTextDirListing("*") (Directory listings in FTP are downloaded via data connections.)

Also, see for more details about diagnosing data connection problems.


Thank you, yes, the first problem was a permission issue, the second problem was a user limitation in ftp server. Now, i solved both.

Thank you again!