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What version of Chilikat do i need

May 29 '16 at 08:34

Hi, I have had an application written and the file included in the reference is ChilkatDotNet4.dll

It would appear that the version supplied with the software source code is not licenced so i need to know what version of chilikat i need to buy as the service is now not working.

It is only being used for email. Thanks in advance.


Assuming you are using only POP3/SMTP, you would minimally need the 1-Developer Chilkat Email license. If using IMAP, you would need the 1-Dev IMAP license (which includes the POP3/SMTP functionality). Or, you could opt for the Bundle to be licensed for all existing Chilkat classes and any new updates for 1YR.

(Note: The above answer is correct at the time of this writing and could change in the future.)