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Android c++ gnutls play store rejection

Jun 09 '17 at 17:22

I'm using the droid c++ libraries and we've just had a play store rejection (

Does chilkat use gnutls under the covers?

I am a bit behind on the chilkat version so I should probably upgrade it anyway.

We use other native libs in the app too so I'm just trying to narrow it down, thanks for any assistance you can provide.


No, Chilkat does not use gnutls. Chilkat has it's own proprietary TLS implementation.


Many thanks for the clarification, I'll continue my investigations.


hello we also getting same issue but don't know how we getting because we are not using any gnuTls library. so please suggest me .we using libstreaming library.My app rejected from playstore to update version so please sugeest.


Google Play was having some problems. That was the cause of our rejection a couple of years ago. Looks like the same thing is happening again. I'd wait a day or so and resubmit.