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Deploy .NET Application using XCOPY?

Jun 20 '16 at 11:16

I would like to deploy my C# application using XCOPY. However, it uses Chilkat, and since Chilkat is a mixed-mode assembly, it requires the vcredist if it does not already exist on the target/deployment computer. How can the vcredist libs be incorporated into an XCOPY installation?


Here are some initial URLs that suggest possible answers:

But the actual answer is this:

The first point is solved. According my XCOPY question: 
It is not a really huge problem to install vcredist. 

XCOPY: I copy simply the release folder of my VS2015-project to a PC into any folder and start my EXE from there. Nothing to install or register. The only prerequisite is the .NET framework 4.6. In my actual case I have to ensure that vcredit was previously installed…