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Upgrading Crypt Library

Jun 22 '16 at 13:48

I'm upgrading from an older version of Chilkat Crypt library for .NET to the 4.5 library (32-bit). The api seems to have significantly changed and can't find an example that loads from the certificate store. My old code looked like this:

Crypt crypt = new Crypt();


CreateCS ccs = new CreateCS();
CertStore store = ccs.OpenLocalSystemStore();

Cert c = store.FindCertBySubjectCN(subjectCN);
if (c != null)
    throw new ApplicationException("Cannot find certificate " + subjectCN);

byte[] encryptedBytes = crypt.Encrypt(b);
return crypt.EncodeBase64(encryptedBytes);

The best example I could find was here: but it doesn't map easily to what I have.

I think I figured out how to 64 bit encode, but how do I set the algorithm to RSA and set the certificate?