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email check without mail server

Jul 05 '16 at 08:42

hello. i'm using trial version of .net assembly. what i want to ask question is ..are there any method or way to check email validity without my smtp server? i found some url but all example in that page was "Nout Found" error.

would you give me some sample ? and also i found some another page which guide checking email validity with smtp server.

what can be different or what is efficient method to check email validity bulky? for my opt-in mail marketing i want to minimize bounce email so i want to check email validity.

i worry if i use gmail server to verify email maybe i can't much check bulky. thanks for your support


It's not really practical, and likely not possible. The correct way (I believe) is to use your own SMTP server (authenticating with your own login/password) as a relay.


The easiest way to check email address is to use some online services such as It takes only few seconds to test the email. Very convenient and absolutely free to use.