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HTTP Upload: 404 Not Found

Jun 24 '16 at 10:50

For uploading a file to an HTTP server, I am following the example at

I am getting a 404 Not Found error in the http.SynchronousRequestAsync() method.

I think it is due to an incorrect setting of httpRequest.Path property. In your example you set it as req.Path = "rcvFormDataUpload.aspx";

I simply want to upload the file on mobile to server at a location -> server = folder on server = webshare and destination file name = something.bin.

What value do i need to set in req.Path? I am using an IIS server for testing, and I don't have any .aspx page.


Unlike FTP or SFTP, an HTTP upload requires an implementation both on the client-side AND server-side. The client-side could simply be a browser with a form, or it could be an application capable of sending the multipart/form-data POST.

The server side must be implemented to receive the HTTP request. It could be any sort of implementation: PHP, C#, Perl, Java, etc.

(In general, any HTTP POST must be directed to a target endpoint where there is something to receive the POST and handle it..)

See for an example.