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Visual C++ Redistributables Required by Chilkat .NET Assemblies

Jun 30 '16 at 17:50

Works great !!! But when I try to run the C# program from a new Windows 7 workstation ... I get an "Unhandled exception" error. It's acting like it can't see the ChilkatDotNet46.dll file which is definitely in the folder that is running the C# EXE I've created ... and runs well on my workstation. I do not think ... nor did I on my development workstation ... place the ChilkatDotNet46.dll anywhere other than the folder that was running the C# EXE.

This is because the VC++ 2015 runtime is not installed on the system. See


Thanks ! Again ... love what you guys are doing !

How do you get around that ? That is very very prohibitive from a support perspective. I'm a developer and support these systems with completely unskilled operators ... and that is a level of support that I never contemplated ... my fault.

"Oh gee ... stop everything ... let's install some other software".

Can I embed some more components into my project before I compile ? Include a set of additional DLLs ? Can I make the runtime install/registration transparent to the user ? Or a different tool other than Chilkat ?


A good installer program should allow you to add a redist merge module. In fact, Chilkat does this with the ActiveX .msi installer which uses "Advanced Installer".

For example, see this:

Other good installer programs should allow you to do the same, including some free ones such as Inno Setup. For example, Google "inno setup visual c++ redistributable"