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AES, format preserving encryption

Jul 06 '16 at 22:18
i am using cipher-mode 'CTR' for file encryption 
with this mode plain-text and cipher text becomes same size with no-padding 
and even string less than 16 byte(128bit) can be encrypted 
say 5 byte string can be encrypted as 5 byte 
thanks for chilkat!! .

so with encrypt, same length problem is solved 
but still lack of format preserving .

is there any way for format preserving encryption ? 
or FFX-AES supported in latest chilkat encryption module ?


Thanks! Chilkat does not have anything for it now, but I added it to the very long list of possible future additions..


thank-you, i studied feistel-network and start an implementation of my own library for my DBF (foxpro)

but i think chilkat will do that well... it shall not be difficult for chilkat to make it i wish soon.... ^^