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How to use Chilkat API for devcpp

Jul 07 '16 at 10:30


I am interested in your API''s and I want to try to couple of C and C++ API's in Dev-CPP compiler but I am getting error.

I wanted to compile this AES program and I download 6MB C language libraries from your websites and I copied all the header files in chilkat include folder to Dev-cpp Include folder.

Now I am getting too many undefined reference errors


Hi Uday,

I think the problem is that Chilkat needs to provide MinGW TDM GCC 4.9.2 libs. I'll see if I can do this later today..

Also, I noticed in your private email that you're trying to use the Chilkat "C" libraries in a C++ program. I'm not sure why you would do that.. it's more natural to use the Chilkat C++ classes in C++ rather than "C" functions. If a .cpp file (compiled as C++) chooses to include a "C" header, it must do so by using "extern "C""

For example:

extern "C" {
#include "C_CkCrypt2.h"


I created a web page where sample project downloads will be located. This is the 1st one..

This download includes the static library and headers, and builds without any problem.