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Chilkat stop working at different pc

Jul 11 '16 at 11:30

Dear All! I build app by VS15, Netframework 4.6.1, Chilkat46. It's ran ok in my PC but stop working at different PC. I think this issuse is "strong name assembly".

this is my bug

<parameter0>WpfApplication3.exe</parameter0> <parameter1></parameter1>
<parameter3>PresentationCore</parameter3> <parameter4>4.6.1055.0</parameter4>
<parameter8>System.IO.FileNotFoundException</parameter8> </problemsignatures> Please help me.Thank you so much


I don't think it's a "strong name assembly" problem. I've never had a single customer with such a problem.

My guess is that the Chilkat assembly DLL itself could not be found.

The error is "System.IO.FileNotFoundException", so the question would be "What file was not found?" (It's frustrating when a "file not found" error is given, but no information about WHAT file was not found is provided..)


This problem was caused by the VC++ runtime not being present on the computer...

See Common Error #2 here:

Also see