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Chilkat Socket Error no internal socket object

Aug 16 '16 at 05:07

We use chilkat (c# .net 4.0, chilkat version: for our threaded tcp server. After a random time after the connection to a external server chilkat interrupts the connection with the error

Not connected: no internal socket object

This is our connection to the External server:

Socket asteriskSocket = new Socket();
success = asteriskSocket.UnlockComponent(Properties.Settings.Default.ChilkatSocketKey);
asteriskSocket.Connect(address, port, false, 60000);
asteriskSocket.MaxReadIdleMs = 500;
asteriskSocket.MaxSendIdleMs = 500;

while (asteriskSocket.IsConnected)
    receivedBytes = asteriskSocket.ReceiveBytes();
    //And plenty of other stuff in severall threads that do not access the socket anymore

The main socket connects to an asterisk server and on random occasions and after a random time chilkat loses the connection. We can not reproduce or force this issue. The external server has a uptime of 99.9%, the error should be on our side.

What does the error from chilkat mean? I could not find it in the documentation.