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Error when calling DeleteEmail(email)

Aug 10 '16 at 09:24

Do I still need to call mailman.DeleteEmail(email) if ImmediateDelete is set to 1 already?


The ImmediateDelete property affects the behavior of the DeleteEmail method. (It does not imply that DeleteEmail does not need to be called.) The description for ImmediateDelete is as follows:

If true (the default) then any method that deletes an email from the POP3 server will also issue a QUIT command to close the session to ensure the message is deleted immediately.

The POP3 protocol is such that the DELE command marks a message for deletion. It is not actually deleted until the QUIT command is sent and the session is closed. If ImmediateDelete is true, then any Chilkat MailMan method that marks a message (or messages) for deletion will also followup with a QUIT command and close the session. If your program sets ImmediateDelete to false, it must make sure to call Pop3EndSession to ensure that messages marked for deletion are actually deleted.