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Using IMAP with Outlook 365 Shared Mailboxes

Aug 23 '16 at 09:22

We have been using our own mail server up until now. The chilkat library has met our needs.
We are migrating to Outlook 365 and using shared boxes.
Does Chilkat support these shared mailboxes in some manner.

I have searched the examples provided by Chilkat for the IMAP protocol.
There is nothing about used shared mailboxes. Is there someplace that I am missing.
I can use IMAP very effectively for normal emailboxes, but I am stuck with the shared mailbox.


Chilkat implements the IMAP protocol. Therefore, if shared mailboxes are to be accessed via the IMAP protocol, then the means for doing so must be within the IMAP protocol. (There is nothing in the IMAP protocol, to my knowledge, that pertains to "shared mailboxes".)

Therefore, if for example, Mozilla Thunderbird is to work with "shared mailboxes", it too must do so within the confines of the IMAP protocol.

A Google search of "imap protocol shared mailboxes" provides the answer: