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Email component AddMultipleTo limit

Aug 31 '16 at 13:15


Does anyone know the limite for AddMultipleTo? I mean, how many emails can be inserted in this array.

Thanks in advanced, Jorge Bastos


Your limit may be based on the email server. Many servers will bounce and email going out when the number of To, CC, and BCC email addresses total an amount set by the server, in a prevention of SPAM.

As for how many you can have in that specific call of the control, only someone at Chilkat can answer that.


Maybe if I split the array's into chunks of 200 each, no?


gmail posts their limitations

Looking at that, it is set to 100 for To, CC, and BCC combined.

I suspect many other providers, make it smaller.

If you are building some type of newsletter type of system. You might want to look at the services that are provided. They keep domains/IP addresses from being put on a blacklist.



The server's mine, my own hosting, so i'll tune something in postfix. Anyway i'll have to split it in about 200 or 300 emails per send...