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SFTP InitializeSFTP method causes reset

Aug 31 '16 at 15:07

So I have been attempting to make a connection to an openBSD sshd using the chilkat SFTP C++ client following the example code: unlock, connect, authenticate, initialize and every time the initialize method is called the server issues a reset connection. RTunning wire shark tells me that the key exchange is happening and the log is similar to a Filezilla sftp exchange. My partial code is as follows: if(sftp.Connect("", 22) == true) { cout << "Successfully connected to SFTP Server" << endl; if(sftp.AuthenticatePw("user","password") == true) { cout << "Successfully Authenticated" << endl; if(sftp.InitializeSftp() == true) { cout << "Successfully Initialized" << endl; // Do something... if(sftp.OpenDir(path.c_str(), dir) == true)

Has anyone had this issue? There doesn't seem to be any questions on this matter. Thanks in advance. Also, the ssh-agent is reporting an error code: iocp error: 6 (Packet composed incorrectly)