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images not displaying in email body loaded from an mht file

Oct 01 '12 at 19:04

I use Email ActiveX for Delphi and I created a simple mht file saved from Outlook 2007. I included some simple text and an image. I copied and pasted the image from my website. It displays fine while in outlook. After I save it to an mht file, I then load it in my delphi application using Loademl(). As a test, I sent the email to myself. But when I receive the email, the image does not display in the body of the email. The images are dispayed as an attachment. Even after I click "download images", the image does not display. I get the box with the red X where the image should be. It also displays the path to my image on my website, but no image displayed.

I also tried just copying and pasting an image to completely embed it in the email and I still get it as an attachment.

I have tried to find solutions to my problem in the example code and searched the net and I have been unsuccessful.

What am I doing wrong? Is problem coming from Outlook or the Chilkat component? Am I missing a step?

Thanks in advance for you help. Ron


You haven't provided enough information to know.

Do this:

1) Using a text editor, open the file you are loading via LoadEml. Post the MIME of this file here. Please make sure line-endings are maintained. Post the MIME between "<pre>" and "<" tags.

2) Post the simplest possible snippet of Delphi code that shows what you are doing after the LoadEml up to the point of sending the email. Again, post the code in between "<pre>" and "<" tags.