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Where to get SSL/TLS Certificate for Server-Side Socket?

Dec 06 '16 at 06:48

When calling Chilkat.Socket.InitSslServer(Cert cert) - where do I get the certificate? I don't have any .PFX files - any suggestions? This is needed if the client sends a "CONNECT" request.


There are two ways to get an SSL certificate. The 1st is to create a self-signed certificate using either "makecert" on a Windows system, or via OpenSSL on Linux, Mac OS X, etc. (You could also use OpenSSL on Windows.)

also see
(also, Google the topics for potentially better sources of information..)

The 2nd way to get an SSL/TLS server certificate is via a certificate authority. Let's Encrypt has a system for getting free SSL/TLS server certs:

Otherwise one can purchase SSL/TLS server certs from a certificate authority. For example, Google "buy ssl certificate" and you'll see lots of choices.