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Automatically generate MDN / Read Receipt

Sep 08 '16 at 19:46

Is there a way to automatically generate an MDN, or does anyone have a good function to do it, using the mail library as a base?



Read receipt - like in outlook when you send an email and ask to be notified that it has been read, the other persons email will send back a read receipt when they read it.

Im looking for a way to automatically send back a read receipt....

(this part stolen from wikipedia) MDNs provide a notification of the "disposition" of a message - indicating, for example, whether it is read by a recipient, discarded before being read, etc. However for privacy reasons, and also for backward compatibility, requests for MDNs are entirely advisory in nature - i.e. recipients are free to ignore such requests. The format and usage MDNs are specified in RFC 3798.

A description of how multiple Mail User Agents (MUAs) should handle the generation of MDNs in an Internet Message Access Protocol (IMAP4) environment is provided in RFC 3503.

A non-standard but widely used way to request return receipts is with the "Return-Receipt-To:" (RRT) e-mail header. An e-mail address is specified as the content of the header. The first time a user opens an e-mail message containing this header, the client will typically prompt the user whether or not to send a return receipt.


Google "Chilkat create MDN"


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