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Unhandled System.AccessViolationException MailMain

Sep 19 '16 at 06:39

Сведения об исключении: System.AccessViolationException в <module>.ClsMailMan.FetchMultiple(ClsMailMan, ClsStringArray, ProgressEvent*) в Chilkat.MailMan.FetchMultiple(Chilkat.StringArray) в Test.pop3Mail.SearchForLetter(System.String)

Pop up only in this method, library version 32-bit .Net 4.5


Try this new build:

If you can repeat the crash, turn on verbose logging by setting the VerboseLogging property equal to true, and also set the DebugLogFilePath property. If the crash was within Chilkat, then the debug log file will contain an incomplete "LastErrorText", which will show (roughly) where the crash occurred.


same error in FetchSingle.

new error. in ntdll.dll, visual studio debugger can`t handle it...

Problem is its multithreaded and in one time could be used up to 90 connections catch same in 1 thread is hard, but ill try.


I bet I`ve caught error. Last operation in MailMan: GetUidls: DllDate: Sep 14 2016 ChilkatVersion: UnlockPrefix: 30-day trial Architecture: Little Endian; 32-bit Language: .NET 4.5 VerboseLogging: 1 pop3_getAllUidls:

Total size of file 183 MB, i`ve cutted it down to 1.2mb.

There are alot of: verifyTlsPadding: (leaveContext)

Few thousands in a row. is it normal?