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FTP2 Progress Callbacks

Sep 22 '16 at 12:10


I got up and running with the FTP2 framework in minutes really happy customer here, but getting progress callbacks to work has me stumped! I have read the post below and tried subclassing CkoFtp2Progress added the required header files to my project but I just get a bunch of missing object errors. Any chance on a better example that also includes what headers I need in my project.

Just to confirm are the call backs in real time so I can hook up a loading bar to reflect the current state of an upload?




I should probably add Im using FTP2 with Objective-C


Thanks Norm, I'll see if I can provide a project on GitHub...


Ah that would be great! Id need it to support ARC too if possible.


Actually if you are putting something together, Im using the PutFile function to upload a file so if its regarding that setup that would be even more helpful :)


Hi Norm,

Sorry for the delay. I created a project here:

It's a command line sample program. The reason for doing it is to keep out the unnecessary clutter. Everything worked for me on the 1st try. The v9.5.0.59 includes and libs are included in the GitHub project.


Awesome That works a treat! superb support!

Thanks again.