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Multithread with chilkat SSH and HTTP (GET, Post) ERROR: Not responsding and Crash

Oct 19 '16 at 11:22

I am trying run 100 thread with SSH (dynamic port forwarding) and Chilkat HTTP Post , Get. but i alway run 10 - 30 minute(random time) my app always show "... Has stoped working" of windown(Sever 2012) and don't show any log error. i don't known HOW and WHERE to fix it? Anyone have idea for that? or Someone can fix it?

Example :

1 Thread:

Get website 1 time -> Run ok. No error.

get website 2 time -> Run ok. No Error.

But when start 10 - 100 thread it alway error with get 2 times website but get 1 times it's working (It's run oke but after 5 - 10minutes it's show not response and my app crash)


I'd first start looking at the tool you're using to create the threads for your test, is the threading done correctly? Are you using a supported testing tool or something home grown?