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sFTP StatusCode: 3

Oct 25 '16 at 10:08

Good Morning all

I've got a problem with an old programm we wrote a couple of month ago. The program copies files from a server to a sFTP host. The files are logically grouped in sub dir's. Those dir's are also created by the program.

Since some day's, this error occures

    DllDate: Aug 15 2013
    UnlockPrefix: ZZZZZSSH
    Username: XXXXXXX:YYYYYY
    Architecture: Little Endian; 64-bit
    Language: .NET 4.0 / x64
    VerboseLogging: 0
    SshVersion: SSH-2.0-SSHD
    SftpVersion: 3
    remoteFilepath: //100000000-100000999/10000132/DEL-10000132_Other(nottosend)_3.pdf
    localFilepath: C:\SISA\Test-1.5\toArchive\DEL-10000132_Other(nottosend)_3.pdf
    filename: //100000000-100000999/10000132/DEL-10000132_Other(nottosend)_3.pdf
    access: writeOnly
    createDisposition: createTruncate
    v3Flags: 0x1a
    Sent FXP_OPEN
      Request: FXP_OPEN
        StatusCode: 3
        StatusMessage: The requested operation cannot be performed because there is a file transfer in progress.
    timeToOpenMs: Elapsed time: 0 millisec
    Failed to open file.
    totalTimeMs: Elapsed time: 0 millisec

My knowledge about sFTP is limitted therefore I have no idea about the cause of this problem or how to fix it :-/

Any help is welcome

Thanks Peter


First I recommend trying with the latest version of the Chilkat library - looks like you are using a version from 2013.

If that doesn't help, repost the LastErrorText from the latest version as it may have new information.

Also, the error message says: "The requested operation cannot be performed because there is a file transfer in progress." I Googled that sentence and some hits came up, but I'm not sure if the results apply to your situation. Since you're better suited to determine that, I recommend you perform the same search and see if you can find a relevant answer that might help.


I also googled the message but, as you already assumed, the result doesn't help in this situation :-/

I'll try to use the latest Library and check the Error there...

Thanks for the help