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read folder from IBM Lotus Domino

Oct 28 '16 at 02:56

I read folder list from a IBM Lotus Domino server, but it seems that a path like 'folder1/subfolder2' has been read as 'folder1subfolder2' with no separator. Is there something to set befor asking folder list?


Try explicitly setting the Imap.SeparatorChar property, or alternatively call ListMailboxes for the purpose of setting it. See the online reference documentation for SeparatorChar:

The ListMailboxes method has the side-effect of setting this property to the correct value because the IMAP server's response when listing mailboxes includes information about the separator char.


I think the problem is about lotus domino setup, 'cause after listmailboxes the SeparatorChar is '-' like server setup, but when I use mailboxes.GetName the result has no separator at all. Is it possible that an imap server didn't put separator in folder path ?

P.S. I noticed that some folder has the separator in the name, may this cause the problem?


I found that Lotus Notes/Domino uses backslash as separator char and I think that is why all folders has no separator. Now I've created a parser to recreate the folder tree even without separator and using the backslash for request all work fine