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Using php with http proxy fails

Nov 03 '16 at 18:57

I did try to use the http php-Extension for Linux which works just fine. But if I add a (working) Proxy, it can not get the file anymore.

Maybe I am using the Proxy functions wrong?


$success = $http->Download('',$localFilePath);


//does not work
$success = $http->Download('',$localFilePath);


I have tested with several Proxy and even different Port for each individual Proxy. No luck. Am I missing an important step again?


You need to pass a proper URL to Download. For example "" or "https://..."

You're missing the "http://"


Some IP do work & as well with Domain name. Some I need to enter with Domain, because the IP is not working. put_ProxyDomain did sometimes work with IP even without http://.

Does put_ProxyDomain("") checkup it is localhost? And why is it sometimes not working (get Hostname from IP)?

This one currently works with both:

IP Address :

Location : Australia (95% accuracy)

Host Name :




I did check with:

$html = $http->quickGetStr("");