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Failed to get host address info.

Oct 31 '16 at 12:25

We got the following Chilkat error recently. Could you please help what are the possible causes and how to address this issue?

ChilkatLog: Connect_Ftp2: DllDate: Mar 11 2014 ChilkatVersion: UnlockPrefix: xxxxxxx Username: xxxx:xxx Architecture: Little Endian; 32-bit Language: ActiveX VerboseLogging: 0 ProgressMonitoring: enabled: yes heartbeatMs: 0 sendBufferSize: 65536 --ProgressMonitoring AutoFix: Using implicit SSL/TLS because port is 990. To prevent auto-fix, set the AutoFix property = False/0 Using Implicit SSL ImplicitSsl: 1 AuthTls: 0 AuthSsl: 0 Hostname: Port: 990 Connecting via SSL Protocol: 31 IdleTimeoutMs: 60000 ConnectTimeout: 60 connect2: connectImplicitSsl: connectSocket: connect_ipv6_or_ipv4: resolveHostname6: getAddressInfo: Failed to get host address info. (3) SocketError: WSANO_DATA The requested name is valid, but no data of the requested type was found. WSANO_DATA typically indicates a problem with DNS -- possibly a missing CNAME record for the host. hostOrIpAddr: port: 990 Versions of Windows earlier than Windows XP are limited to handling IPv4 only On Windows Server 2003 and Windows XP, IPv6 addresses are returned only if IPv6 is installed on the local computer. --getAddressInfo --resolveHostname6 Domain to IP address resolution failed. --connect_ipv6_or_ipv4 --connectSocket --connectImplicitSsl failReason1: 2 --connect2 ConnectFailReason: 2 Failed to connect to FTP server. Failed. --Connect_Ftp2 --ChilkatLog


Did you try to connect to it by IP-Address? Should work, right?

So it might in fact be a DNS issue. Check the DNS Report via ViewDNS for example.

[Edit: you got an A record that points to an IP-address. This should be enough. Hmm.. Try with 72.5.x.x and let us know please. You might try DnsCacheClear as well...

void DnsCacheClear(void);

Introduced in version

Clears the Chilkat-wide in-memory hostname-to-IP address DNS cache. Chilkat automatically maintains this in-memory cache to prevent redundant DNS lookups. If the TTL on the DNS A records being accessed are short and/or these DNS records change frequently, then this method can be called clear the internal cache. Note: The DNS cache is used/shared among all Chilkat objects in a program, and clearing the cache affects all Chilkat objects.



Thank you for the quick response. We were using Chilkat FTP for about two years and never had this issue. Now, in the last several days, we have one of four processes occurred this error since our IT department updated our "switching & firewall hardware at approximately 5pm EST Friday 10/28".