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Get binary of the Email Object?

Nov 10 '16 at 09:27

Hello, is it possible to get the binary of the Email Object? I want to save this in my Database before sending the mail.

Or what would help me, too.

After i do this: "email.SendSigned = true; email.SetSigningCert(cert);" Why i cant see the sig in the mime (email.GetMime())?

Tank you!

Accepted Answer

Use the MailMan.RenderToMime.

A call to mailman.SendEmail is logically composed of RenderToMime followed by SendMime. The RenderToMime method applies any signatures and/or encryption to the MIME at the time of sending.

If you don't want to do the signing twice, you could change your program to call RenderToMime, save the MIME to the database, and then call SendMime.