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Decryption problem with newer version of ChilkatDotNet2.dll

Nov 24 '16 at 02:00

I have an encrypted string (with ChilkatDotNet2.dll which I want to decrypt with the current version This doesn't work.

Her my code to decrypt:

    static void Main(string[] args)
            var encryptedText = "01A30BD25F16A525ACFD8DC840D94F6626A52036ECD4ECFCCB6B74C7CD3CCA24D0069B1C114AFBD0D37251A6AE380471F5FD4E99EE8013C2E754750C5C7A87FB12F0E93BE0F4DC6B6CE9BBDDA1853245EFF78B45CAC8887E9341C57080500732BE6EA8E5298E3085";
            var pwd = "123456";

            var crypt = new Crypt2();
            var success = crypt.UnlockComponent("???");
            if (success != true)
            crypt.CryptAlgorithm = "pbes2";
            crypt.PbesPassword = pwd;
            crypt.PbesAlgorithm = "rc2";
            crypt.KeyLength = 128;
            crypt.Rc2EffectiveKeyLength = 128;
            crypt.SetEncodedIV("0000000000000000", "hex");
            crypt.SetEncodedSalt("0102030405060708", "hex");
            crypt.IterationCount = 1024;
            crypt.HashAlgorithm = "sha1";
            crypt.EncodingMode = "hex";

            var decryptedText = crypt.DecryptStringENC(encryptedText);

with version the decrypted string is: "cpsdyfrgmVlC43X8iVdWeP21lNcyYkIT23xzSkuKOtVSspcGeUQXVbaOew==9d5f58d7-fa9c-40ed-b08b-b97604f21d54" which it should be

with version the decrypted string is: "´¥ª]RÚ¼°u0014ðnÌZÉ:éé"


the other direction (encryption with and decryption with also doesn't work


Thanks, I'm having a look..


Here's a new build with the fix:

At some point since v9.5.0.45, there was a copy/paste error introduced in the internals such that PBES1 was being used instead of PBES2. This is now fixed, and the results should be the same.


Thanks for your quick answer. Seems to work. When do you expect to release this version? I need also builds for other Frameworks and for C++.