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ChilkatDotNet46.dll - system.IO.FileLoadException on start

Dec 03 '16 at 16:17

Hello, my 32-bit app installed on 64-bit machine gets system.IO.FileLoadException from ChilkatDotNet46.dll on very first attempt use a class from it (mailman = new Chilkat.MailMan() or email = new Chilkat.Email() or anything like that). Nothing seems to help. .Net 4.6 runtime is installed. MS Visual C++ 2015 Redistributable is installed (both x86 and 64-bit, tried each one separately as well). Also trired installing Microsoft_VC140_CRT_x86.msm merge module. Tried installing ChilkatDotNet46.dll to app folder or GAC, or both. Obviously, I'm missing something. Any word of advise will be appreciated. Thank you. P.S. Everything works from MS VS. Can not remotely debug on that machine.


Maybe the DLL is not located on the local hard drive (it's on a network share) and it's not trusted? I really have no idea..