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Chilkat and Php 7.1..

Jan 20 '17 at 11:19

Hi, Any news or Update for Chilkat library compatible whit latest release of Php 7.1?



Unfortunately, Chilkat is hoping and praying that SWIG ( will support PHP 7.*

It's been a year of waiting, and nothing so far.. One of these days Chilkat will discard SWIG altogether with the generation of the PHP<-->C++ layer, and then this issue won't exist. Unfortunately, of all programming languages, PHP is the most complicated, messy, tangled beast when it comes to interfacing with C/C++...


2016/12/29 - SWIG-3.0.11 released

SWIG-3.0.11 summary:
- PHP 7 support added.
- C++11 alias templates and type aliasing support added.
- Minor fixes and enhancements for C# Go Guile Java Javascript Octave PHP Python R Ruby Scilab XML.