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Wrong encoded parameters in the post

Oct 08 '12 at 17:17


I am sending post request, in one parameter I have value with minus, like count=-2000.

Firefox send this parameter without encoding, Chilkat encode minus to %2D. Why? If I am making urlencode of the value -2000, I am getting -2000, not %2D2000.

Thank you.


It shouldn't actually cause a problem -- the %2D is equivalent to "-".


Characters from the unreserved set never need to be percent-encoded.

URIs that differ only by whether an unreserved character is percent-encoded or appears literally are equivalent by definition, but URI processors, in practice, may not always recognize this equivalence. For example, URI consumers shouldn't treat "%41" differently from "A" or "%7E" differently from "~", but some do. For maximum interoperability, URI producers are discouraged from percent-encoding unreserved characters.

However, it would be better if Chilkat URL encoded according to RFC 3986, which was introduced in January 2005. I updated the Chilkat implementation so that the default URL encoding will be according to RFC3986. This will be the behavior in the next official release, as well as all future releases. If you need a pre-release, please let me know what operating system, programming language, platform, etc. so that I know the exact build you require.



I use .net framework 4.0. If you can, please make both versions: 32 and 64-bit.