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Destination Host IP works, DNS doesnt

Oct 08 '12 at 10:39


I have been using your SSH tunnel library for some time now and it works great. All my applications have a little xml file with in it (coded) login information for the SSH and SQL server. Up to now I have always used the IP for the Destination Host, but now I have to replace the server and I want to change the IP into a dns so next time I don't have to keep the same IP (new server has a different IP).

But if I use a dns to connect, I do get connected to the server succesfully but I cannot connect to the SQL server. If I use the IP, there is no problem.

I have added the dns to the HOST file on the server, but that didn't help.

What else do I have to do, or is it a bug in the SSH software?

rg, Eric



It's not a bug in the Chilkat internals. My guess is that the domain name to IP address (DNS) lookup is not working -- either for that particular domain name, or in general. This is a systems admin issue. If on a Windows computer, you can test the DNS lookup by starting a DOS command prompt and then typing "nslookup", as an example.