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Saveeml and attachmens

Dec 19 '16 at 06:53

I have been using saveeml to save inbound emails related to transactions in an application. Recently a change in business process has resulted in a need to save any attached files as well. The saveeml doesn't do this. I could manually strip out the achment(s) and deal with them separately but it sure would be easier to be able to save the entire message including attachments with one method call. Any ideas?


The SaveEml method saves the entire email, including attachments, in MIME format to a file where the customary file extension is .eml.

It may be that your application downloaded "headers only", in which case the email would contain only the headers (not attachments). Or it may be that if the IMAP API was used, there are options to download emails without attachments. However the email was downloaded, the .eml will contain the entirety of whatever was downloaded. If the full email w/ attachments was downloaded, then the .eml will contain the attachments.