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Set password for files appended inside zip file

Dec 22 '16 at 01:48


Why are the files not password protected with below code:

chilkatZip As Zip = New Zip() chilkatZip.UnlockComponent(ChilkatLicense) chilkatZip.FileName = zipFileName chilkatZip.AppendOneFileOrDir(fileName, True) chilkatZip.Zipx = True chilkatZip.ZipxDefaultAlg = "bzip2" chilkatZip.Encryption = EncryptionAlgorithm.PkzipWeak chilkatZip.SetPassword("password") chilkatZip.SetCompressionLevel(9) chilkatZip.WriteZipAndClose()

Please suggest the appropriate way to apply password for all the files inside zip file.

Chilkat version used -

Thanks, Harshal A.