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Open SSH session and monitor for specific text

Dec 29 '16 at 08:37

Good afternoon All,

I am looking to connect to my phone system through an SSH session (no need to log in) and monitor for specific text to be output. If the text is fount then grab all additional text until another specific string of text is encountered then e-mail the grabbed text. I am looking for the text that gets output when someone dials 911. The subsequent text shows the time/date/name/phone number/location for who place the 911 call.

I am using VB2015 and I am one of those people who knows just enough to be dangerous. :P

I am having a bit of trouble figuring out how to open an SSH session and then having the program monitor for the specific text to come through. I was hoping someone might have a suggestion about how to proceed or where to look for pertinent documentation. I've played around with parsing text/e-mailing and I am pretty comfortable with that.

Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated.





What phone ? Is it jailbroken/rooted ? What output you are looking for ? In a dedicated file or generic system log ? If you know the specific file location you might can just use the equivalent of SCP from the lib and copy the file.


phone system is a phone or a pc server?

I think chilkat can only be used to make client soft, not server soft(ssh server).