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In the release notes for the next Chilkat version, you mention that IMG tags where being dropped in MHT if they contained images as encoded binary data. I recently attempted to insert html code having these types of tags into an email object using the your own example (https://www.example-code.com/csharp/mht_emailHtmlString.asp).

The end result was that IMG tags were dropped, so I initially thought that these types of tags where not supported, but know I guess it may be caused by the above-mentioned bug?

What I basically want is to convert images (whether embedded or links) into CID references if mht.UseCids is enabled. Will that work in the next version released?

asked Jan 07 at 18:23

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(for those that don't know) An HTML image tag that embeds the image data directly within the HTML looks like this:

<img src=" ...">

Older versions of Chilkat would inadvertently drop these tags. The fix in recent versions was to leave them as-is. There was never a version of Chilkat that would extract the data from this kind of tag and move it into a related item (and replace as a "src="CID:xxxx" link). So unfortunately, there is no feature to do it. :(


answered Apr 04 at 09:56

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chilkat ♦♦

I have already resorted to a workaround, where I parse the html code for embedded encoded images and add them as related items in the email object. It works satisfactory but requires a bit more coding :-)

(Apr 04 at 10:16) roan98dk
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