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Upload files to a folder that is inside the S3 bucket?

Jan 23 '17 at 16:24

Is it possible to upload files to a folder that is inside the S3 bucket?

Accepted Answer

See this:

An object named with a trailing "/" displays as a folder in the Amazon S3 console.

Therefore, the way to create a folder "xyz" is to create an object named "xyz/".


Works great:

objectName =  "/Folder/SubFolder/File.jpg" 
success = http.S3_UploadFile(localFilePath,contentType,bucketName,objectName)


I tried uploading files with diacritical characters (FileÅÄÖ.jpg) but I get a "is forbidden" in the LastErrorText.

I tired uploading the same with Transmit and it worked fine.

Do I need to encode the diacritical characters?


Thanks, I'm having a look..


I found the problem and made the fix. What programming language/operating system do you need for a pre-release?



I'm using Xojo.


Thanks. This is going to take some time (a day or two). The Xojo build is more difficult because it requires builds on different operating systems. I'll post here when it's ready...


Here's a new build with the fix:


Initial tests shows good result :-)

Can I use this prerelease plugin or should I wait for the final release?


I think the prerelease is safe to use. The final release is awaiting the completion of the JWS and JWE classes, which is unrelated to AWS S3 functionality.