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Install multiple version of chilkat on the same Computer

Jan 20 '17 at 12:15


i have multiple application running on a computer using chilkat ActiveX When upgrading one of the applications I encontured a bug that is forcing me to change Chilkat version to the latest one (where the bug seem to be corrected). The problem is it will be Time consuming to stop all the applications already running and install the latest version and run them again.

Is there a solution for installing both Chilkat ActiveX and Chilkat ActiveX on the same computer or to be able to run an exe compiled with on a computer with installed ?


The way a program finds an ActiveX control is through the Windows Registry. Is there a way to have two versions on the same computer? yes, with a caveat.
Sometimes you are able to put them in to different directories if they have the same filename, and register them (regsvr32).

However, you are looking to have a different point release on the same machine. This makes it complicated.

You would need to do either of the following:

-edit Reading this again, if you modify the registry during runtime, your other applications may start to use the new control as well.