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SSH component not working on all my devices

Feb 28 '17 at 15:59


I've run into a problem with the SSH component for PCs. I've written a class library in C# (VS 2015 community edition). The library uses Chilkat SSH to manage connections and send queries to my video codecs (Cisco C40, C90, SX20). Everything tests and runs fine on my main two main development machines, my laptop development machine (these three are all running Visual Studio) and my Surface Pro 3.

However, when I try to install my application on any other machine (Win7 or 10), the setup package created in Visual Studio fails.

If I copy the files over from my build file from the release folder (including all dlls, my forms) the application does not start. I am not reading/writing to the registry.

I have built the application as AnyCPU, x64, x86, making sure that my target platform, build platform, and .NET framework all match and I still have the problem.

Any idea why I can get this to run smoothly on my development computers, but not my deployment machines. I do not have any relative paths in the code and all dlls are sitting in the application folder.

Thanks for any help. Norm

Accepted Answer

This is likely due to missing VC++ runtime libs not being present.

See "Common Error #2" here:

Also see


Sorry, it's been awhile since I got back to this project. Thanks, your answer worked great. Once I got everything on the same page (or build) with the runtimes things now work seamlessly.

Thanks again.