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Send a blank header

Jun 22 '12 at 09:38

Dear Chilkat,

I would like to send this title to a blank (mime.AddHeaderField ("References", "") , but can not send the title to be blank.

What can I do this in order to send the title in the blank?


I made a change to be included in the next version so that empty header fields are allowed. Please let me know what programming language, operating system, framework, etc. you use so that I may provide a pre-release.


Thanks for your help, i'm waiting.

Program language: C#, Framework 2.0

OS System: Windows 2008


A pre-release of the 32-bit Chilkat .NET assembly for the 2.0/3.5 Framework w/ this change is now available here:


I used the provided DLL but can not send email.We take this result; "if (success == false)".


Please post contents of the mailman.LastErrorText property captured after calling mailman.SendEmail (or whichever method is called to send the email).


Hello; I accepted new dll and then ı have got license error. What can i do?





DllDate: Jun 21 2012

UnlockPrefix: MAILT34MB34N

Username: VURGUN-HP:Vurgun

Architecture: Little Endian; 32-bit

Language: .NET 2.0

Trial Period Expired




The unlock code you passed to UnlockComponent does not conform to what you would've received w/ a purchased license.


The unlock code you posted here a few moments ago was not a valid unlock code. It is an unlock code created by a hacker and was revoked. You would need to purchase a license to continue using the software.


We already have a license that you purchased. DLL you sent does not accept this license.


Please send me more information about the purchase privately to