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Ssh returning stdin not a terminal error

Mar 04 '17 at 05:36

I am connecting to an audio signal processor with the SSH component. I am having no problems with connecting (debugged step-by-step) and came out the other side just fine. The problem occurs when I try to send or receive information from the device. I get an "stdin is not a terminal" exception. I'm in C#, the Reference has been added properly, using newest Chilkat software (managed through NuGet - December 2016 version).

Any clues?

Here's my code

Ssh client = new Ssh(); . . Connection/Authentication code follows - tests ok .

          public string GetSerialNumber()
                client.ChannelSendString(channelNumber, "DEVICE get serialNumber\r\n","ansi");
                DeviceResponse = client.GetReceivedText(channelNumber, "ansi");
                return DeviceResponse;

Thanks for any help.


Discovered the DSP in question required a "pseudo-terminal". Added SendReqPty and things working now.